What We Do

Design, Develop and Deploy Realtime Applications For Every Device

What Does Aparlay Do?

At Aparlay, we build full stack realtime applications using cutting edge web and mobile technology. We have a team of proven, world class professionals who understand that it takes time and effort to create premium products that stand out in a marketplace crowded with mediocre apps.

Our proccess follows the path of building a unique and user friendly user interface, making sure that the user experience flow works to deliver the product to the user in the most efficient and elegant way possible. We also place significant importance on shipping a product that will gain traction and make sales, something lost on many startups.

Premium UI/UX Design

Building a premium product starts with having a top notch UI and delivering a unique and intuitive user experience. By placing a heavy focus on the design and user flow, we are able to ensure our users are engaged and keep coming back to our platform for more.

Full Stack Development

If design is the vision, development is what brings that vision to life. We use the best tools available for the job that allow us to deliver a product rapidly that is robust, scales and delivers the user experience defined during our design proccess.

Ship Code, Make Sales

Continuous integration and deployment is how we operate at Aparlay. By delivering a well designed, thoroughly developed product that users enjoy, we can say we've done our job. Keeping the servers and our code running smoothly is how we make sales and grow our business to new heights.

All About Aparlay

A lean startup with a highly experienced world class team

A Startup Is Born, Deep In The Jungle

With VC backing and co-founders with experience at Apple and HP, Aparlay is a cut above other startups from day one. We have a team that knows how to build and deliver a premium product. Our focus is broad, from UI/UX design, full stack development, shipping code and running marketing and sales operations.

Even with our commitment to developing amazing products, we do things a little differently and value being able to have freedom from the 9-5 corporate environment. Being settled in Thailand, we have the opportunity to explore things you won't get from your typical startup. Check out our section about Chiang Mai to learn more about where we are.

Building Realtime Applications

Our focus is building realtime applications that cover all devices and deliver a premium user experience. We use industry standard enterprise tech to deliver industry leading results.

On Board With A World Class Team

Our team is small but growing, with a core group that can draw on experience from Apple working on projects that have massive worldwide impact like the first iPhone and apple.com, as well as other areas like security, UI/UX design and full stack web and mobile development.

Gaining Momentum And Traction

As we rapidly move towards launching our flagship product we need to bolster the ranks of our world class team with more people who fit in with our culture.

Interested in working with us? Check out our job postings to learn more and apply today!

Chiang Mai

A Growing Tech Community In The Tropical Jungles Of Northern Thailand

Why Live And Work In Chiang Mai?

There is a reason this city is the consensus destination for “digital nomads” and location independent professionals from all walks of life. You can find anything you could feasibly need or want here, and most of it you can find pretty cheap. Beyond issues regarding cost of living or the availability of western food and imported beer, there is the major benefit of being in a city that is nearly overflowing with other people in your line of work.

The opportunities to network with other digital professionals, get input or suggestions, or simply hone your craft are nearly endless. Let’s face it, when you are working in an industry, you want to know other people working in your industry. Chiang Mai covers that in spades. From coders to marketers to drop shippers and back again, there are so many people living and working here that could be worth knowing that there is basically no reason not to join the herd.

Chiang Mai Is Ranked #1 On Nomadlist As The Best City For People Working Remote In Tech

The Best Beaches In The World

Chiang Mai is nestled up in the mountains, but thanks to cheap flights from domestic airlines like Nok Air, you never more than an hour away from chilling out at some of the most picturesque beaches on planet earth. Crush code, relax, repeat...

Nature, Culture, Food and More

The city is filled with an incredible assortment of food, just check out the Chiang Mai Foodies group on facebook and you'll see that hidden gems are popping up each day for every type of cuisine you can imagine, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, American, European, you name it you'll find something great in Chiang Mai.

Something For Everyone

Get on a motorbike and ride into the jungle. Discover mountains, lakes, rivers, temples, elephants and so much more. Experience and explore something a little out of the ordinary, every day.

Interested in working with us? Check out our job postings to learn more and apply today!

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